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The Last Stand of the Taliban?

I think after a punishing year for the Taliban, they have decided that they are going to make their last stand.

Several hundred of them have taken positions out in the open in Afghanistan, and are now waiting the coming onslaught, which will be their end. They seek the martyrdom that is at the root of what they do. I am convinced that we will give them what they seek.

I find it amusing that the AP stories actually tries to pump up the Taliban by saying:

"The push into Arghandab district — a lush region filled with grape and pomegranate groves that the Soviet army could never conquer"

Give me a break. They are out in the open. They are outnumbered.  They are outgunned. Their soldiers cannot hold a candle to ours.  My guess is that it will be over in a couple of hours.

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