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A Depressing News Day

First we have the Democratic party undermining our President as he makes a speech in Israel, where he rightly pointed out that appeasement gets you nowhere. The Europeans have been negotiating with Iran for years, while the nuke program rolls on, and the rockets rain down on Israel.  Even just yesterday the President of Iran threatened the existence of Israel. Limp wristed liberals.

Speaking of which….

Then we hear that the Supreme Court in California, against the will of the vast, and I mean vast majority of Californians, has decided that gay marriage is in fact legal. Not only did they say that gay marriage is legal, but they also defined homosexuals as a “protected class” (think race/gender/religion). This is how the liberal agenda gets passed in America. The people of California had voted back in 2000 (Proposition 22) by 60% to 40% to ban gay marriage. So, as always, what they cannot get through the voting booth, liberals take to the courts which make stuff up to suit their agenda. Seven people unilaterally decided this for the millions in California. Combine this with the indoctrination the children in California will ultimately receive, and the families there are doomed.


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