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The Huckabee Appeal

For too long the Republican Party has ignored a sizable core of its coalition…that of the Christian Conservative. It really is hard to define people anymore these days, but I think, at the core, a Christian Conservative believes that there are forces eroding America’s moral fiber.  They look at the homosexual indoctrination their children endure at the hands of the public schools, and the slaughter of a million+ preborn children each year, and instinctively realize that there truly is something wrong in America. These two issues trump near all other issues in a Christian Conservative mindset.

Huckabee’s appeal is that he is an unwavering pro life, pro family candidate. From the Christian Conservative point of view, addressing these issues will go a long way to restoring much that was right and good with America, and other issues take a back seat. Their support of Huckabee should be a clarion call for the other well more funded candidates.

I have been watching the bashing that Huckabee has been taking by the “conservatives” in the Republican party, and I cannot help but wonder why is he coming under such fierce attacks?  Even  Rush Limbaugh (twice divorced) is seemingly not terribly appreciative of those “Hucksters”  In many ways it seems apparent there is this expectation that Christian Conservatives should be seen at the polls, but not really heard on policy. There is a strong sense of arrogance among the conservative media elite out there (Rush/Sean/Malkin etc…), and I think they need to drop it down a notch. I think their heads are a little too big, and they should realize that when they poke at Huckabee they are poking at the eyes of a great many in their own party.

Me…I am going for Thompson, then McCain, then Rudy….but I feel for Huckabee. , and more importantly, I think his supporters deserve better.

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