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Fred...We Hardly Knew Thee!

Alas, my candidate for President has dropped out of the race. Fred Thompson was a solid man of principal, who ultimately did not have the charisma it took to convince others to vote for him.

Now I have very difficult choices to make. Huckabee? Rudy? McCain? Romney?  Ultimately none of these men are perfect but all are superior to anything the D's have.

I Really Never Noticed...

...that Barack Obama was black. I think that my generation and after could honestly care less.However I did notice that he is a flaming liberal, and no matter what color his skin happens to be, he will never get my vote.

I also have to admit that I am rather enjoying watching all the liberals pander to the fact that he is "black". It is interesting to watch all of the "white" establishment poiticians arguing with an entire demographic that they have deceived for the last however many years, appearing like plantation owners of yesteryear after the slaves were freed. Clinton and crew are treating the black vote like children. "Yes we know you have freedom, but you really don't need that, just continue voting for us, because we know better".

Consider this for a moment...if Hillary wins, and Obama is not on the ticket, I do not think that part of the democratic base will be terribly happy. If Obama wins, Hillary will NOT be on the ticket, and all the racists in the democratic party will not come out to play either.

Could be an interesting dynamic come November.

Conspiracy Theories?

Wow…New Hampshire…polls showed that Clinton down double digits…yet she won New Hampshire? Here is Zogby’s tracking poll:


The actual number was 39% Clinton, 36% Obama.
Clearly  something is wrong with the polling models….

Refreshing Applause

During the debates last night in New Hampshire, all of the remaining viable candidates, both Republicans and Dems were on stage at once for a few minutes.

Here is a link.

Don’t watch the video, but listen to it.

For more than a minute the presidential candidates received rather loud applause from the audience. I found this a refreshing moment. No cat calling. No boos. No screaming candidates’ names.

There was just loud, respectful, applause.

The Candidates of “Change”

I find it humorous that all the Dems are talking about “Change”, as if this is the only thing what is really required these days.While there is certainly always room for improvement, particularly amongst our elected representatives and how the deal with each other, there are certain things that I hope don’t “change”.

Take for example the unemployment rate.  Since January 2001, it has been no higher than 6.3%, averaging around 5.2%. It is now around 5%. That is damn near what many economists call “full employment

Since 9/11 we have not had major attacks on our soil, but we have eliminated threats in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and to a certain extent North Korea. Al Qaeda in Iraq, or should we say formerly in Iraq, has been decimated.

So I would hope that as much things "change" certain things stay the same.