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I Just Don't Get It

The Islamic "culture" makes no sense to me...at all.

"The Saudi Justice Ministry Tuesday issued a "clarification" of a court's handling of a rape case and the increased punishment -- including 200 lashes --meted out to the victim"

A backwards culture.

Nine Things in An Inconvenient Truth that Are Fabrications

I wonder if you took out these nine factual errors in a movie that is being shown as scientific fact to school children, how many minutes of the movie would actually remain?

If There Was Ever a Time to Ignore the UN

...this is it.


Well the next wave of global warming hysteria is about to break. This is how you can tell this is a liberal trap, because it’s all an attempt to scare you....

"Scientists say up to an 85 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions is needed to head off potential catastrophic changes that could lead to more floods and famine"

85%....do you realize that is nearly ALL emissions...of something most living things produce every time they BREATHE.  Think about that number. Reducing emissions by 85% is impossible, unless we all want to live outside in tents, spend the day farming with wooden tools. Hey that sounds a lot like what happened in Cambodia after the Communists took over there...you know the killing fields!

Getting back to the current global warming scare….of course all of the poor on the world will be affected most, and 30% of all species will go extinct!! Pulls at your heartstrings doesn't it?

"The document says recent research has heightened concern that the poor and the elderly will suffer most from climate change; that hunger and disease will be more common; that droughts, floods and heat waves will afflict the world's poorest regions; and that more animal and plant species will vanish"

What is so amazing about the hypocrisy of this pseudo-religious movement is that they have the intestinal fortitude to ‘speak’ for the poor and downtrodden, and want to spend trillions of dollars of our money on fixing a problem that is not fixable (the earth’s climate will do what it will with or without us). It seems like they should be doing something useful, like making sure people in developing countries have reliable electricity or potable water Or is it that they pretend to speak for the poor, yet want to keep them in that state forever?

Finally, I will not cede any of my freedom to an unelected, unaccountable, thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy.

Pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words.

Here are two pictures, whose themes are startlingly similar.

One was taken in early November of 2007 in Iran where the locals gleefully celebrated the taking of American hostages almost 30 years ago.


This one was taken last spring in Washington DC at one of the anti-war rallies orchestrated by the liberals here in America (who are currently pulling the strings of the Democratic party).


Amazing they are so similar isn't it? Do you think the guy in the second picture is providing comfort to the people in the first?

...and how is it that a protest in Iran has English subtitles? and further how is it that picture was taken at all? Finally, how did that picture make its way into our media?

Fascinating stuff.

This Country Has Nukes

According to several news reports, something is happening in Pakistan today.  President Musharraf has declared a state of emergency, and a rival politician Benazir Bhutto is making her way back to Pakistan from Dubai. You may remember that there was an assassination attempt on her life a couple weeks ago that killed 140 or so people. That incident was blamed on Al Qaeda, but I don't seem to remember anyone actually taking credit for it (Al Qaeda always seems to take credit).

Clearly something is moving in Pakistan. Consider the following:

  • Bin Laden and crew are suspected of hiding in the 'tribal regions' of northwest Pakistan. 
  • President Musharraf  trying to cling to power.
  • A rival politician that may be supported by the US Government,  and
  • Pakistan has nukes.

A volatile mix indeed.