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Marthas Vineyard. Cape Cod. Playland of liberal politicians…the ones who say we should reduce our carbon footprint so as to save the earth from the devastating effects <cough> of human induced <cough> global warming….

Well as is their pattern, what is good for the teeming masses is clearly not good enough for those who believe they are, by some hidden virtue, fit to make the rules for the rest of us to live by.

Apparently the libs in Massachusetts have denied the application of a power company that wanted to place a wind farm 5 MILES off the coast.

Apparently, on clear days, it would ruin the view.

Public Schools To Dispense Birth Control to 11 year Olds

...oh and without any need to inform a parent.

Do not outsource your children to the public school system. They will undo everything you teach them at home.

Why Public Schools are Not to Be Trusted With Children

For those of you who trust your children to public schools, watch these videos.

 Run, don't walk to your nearest Catholic/Private school.

Liberals Gone Wild in California: No Child is Safe There

More wonderful news about the land of fruits and nuts…California….and I am not talking about the agriculture.

The liberal politicians there just made the mention of “mom and dad”, and “husband and wife” in school textbooks illegal because it somehow, th elogic escapes me, discriminates against homosexuals. Also if a student considers himself/herself transgendered, whatever that means, they could opt to go into the opposite sex’es bathroom/gym. To help with the indoctrination. there will be government sponsored training classes for teachers and an entire host of other professionals who deal with children to make sure they stay “on message” or face the wrath of the unhinged liberals who are desperately trying to remake the notion of family that has worked since the dawn of time.

More details are here and here.

Now let’s look at the behavior of homosexuals, and ask yourself what would you do if you were a parent in California? Here is a link to a website that took pictures of the popular (if you are gay/transgendered/or just plain strange at least) Folsom Street festival in San Francisco. This happened just last month. These pictures are not for the faint of heart, and in all honesty you are not going to believe what you are seeing. 

These are the people the liberals are worried about offending when they ban the terms "husband and wife" and "mom and dad" in textbooks. These are the people whose values are now being taught to children in California as being “OK”. How anyone can still live in that state is beyond me.