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Hug a Civil Engineer and Thank Those Construction Workers!

Where do all Americans we place their faith? Bridges. In America we do not ever expect these things to fail because we trust our engineers, and construction workers to do the right thing. These things are built to withstand amazing stress, and yet one just collapsed.

When I was a kid I remember hearing about a bridge collapsing in Connecticut.  It was the mianus river bridge on interstate 95. I remember that collapse because my father was a truck driver and he said he drove that way once per week.I was very nervous for my dad.

Now, that bridge collapsed in 1983, and that was the last bridge to collapse for structural deficiencies prior to the one that fell yesterday. One bridge falls every 24 years. There are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of bridges in this country. Clearly we are doing something right.

We will, however, get a heavy dose of this story from the media and we will demand action. Big gov’t types will ask to raise our taxes to fix the ‘problem’.  In America we don’t like surprises like that. We pay good money to make sure surprises like that don’t happen. We will find out why the bridge failed and we will make sure it never, ever, surprises us again.

I am not afraid of bridges collapsing. I say hug a civil engineer. Those guys know their stuff!

I found a Wikipedia article on brige collapses. Its amazing how FEW there have been!