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What If....

….there was one faculty member carrying a weapon for self defense in Virginia, or at Columbine.

Ultimately, in the final analysis, you cannot trust the police hiding behind the tree, outside, to save your life when a crazy walks into your classroom with a gun.

Hiding under a desk and playing dead does not work.

Rush the bastard. Throw things at him. If 30 people rush the guy, he cannot shoot you all. Sit on him. Kick him until he stops moving.  Gouge out his eyes.

Make him stop.

I pray that if I am ever in such a situation where a guy starts to randomly shoot people I will have the courage to think of ways to stop him, and then encourage others to do the same.

I will not die hiding under a desk.

Who Picks These Stories? Beginning to Get Suspicious

Yesterday in Iraq, a bomb went off in the building where the newly formed parliament meets. It killed two or three MP’s (both Shiite and Sunni) who are trying to piece together their country. It’s the equivalent of a bomb going off in the dining hall at the Capitol building in Washington DC, killing 2 Congressmen. 

Also yesterday, Al Qaeda took a shot at the prime Minister of Algeria. In a suicide bombing there more than 30 people were killed. In the 1990’s more than 200,000 Algerians were killed as an Islamic insurgency tried to topple that government.

Yet here in America the news coverage was wall to wall Don Imus....which makes me wonder. Why was that tremendous amount of bad news overshadowed by Don Imus?

There is a rhyme and a reason to everything. How could the news media practically ignore the bombing in the parliament building in Iraq? How could they pass up such a chance to highlight how bad things are there? That was pretty big news.

I think something is up.

Duke Overzealous Politically Motivated Prosecutor Case

I still maintain that if the boys were not at a party where a stripper was going to, um, perform, there would have been no problem at all.  Physically being in a place where sinful acts are likely to occur, and this is known ahead of time, is generally a bad idea. Bad, uncontrollable things happen in such places. Bad things.

Clearly, however, Mr Nifong was prepared to wield the comparatively limitless resources of the government to propel his political career at the expense of three innocents. That is a scary proposition. Can you imagine if that happened to you, or to your child? Can you imagine having to mortgage your house to keep your son out of jail over a great, big, fat lie? What if the parents did not have the resources to fight this? Cop a plea? Take a deal?

Mr Nifong must pay, and should have no further power over people. Clearly his political ambitions have clouded his moral judgement. If it were not these three, it would have been another case, another party, another bad set of circumstances for someone. I hope they look back at other prosecutions to see if a pattern exists.

I suspect the boys will also not be attending any further parties that involve strippers.
Imus Hung Out To Dry in the Morning

I must add my 2 cents to the punditry regarding Don Imus.

I will be brief.

“Who cares?”

Lets put this Imus thing up against real news. Yesterday the military announced they have proof that Iran is training Iraqi insurgents…inside Iran. 

Oh look another newsflash...MSNBC is dropping the simulcast of Imus on the radio (apparently you can watch him talk into a microphone). Lets put that in perspective...I have never...ever...seen that simulcast. So I maintain

"Who cares?"

It is however fun to watch liberals eat their own. I wonder if they will now turn towards the various rappers who routinely degrade women? Somehow I doubt it.

How to be a Hostage USMC Style

Compare this story from one of the marines held hostage in 1977 by Iran, for more than 400 days,  with the ones from the recently released British hostages.

I loved this recollection

We refused to cooperate, stole keys, plugged toilets, pissed in their rations, blew circuit breakers, laughed in their face when they threatened us and cursed them when they beat us. Steve Kirtley even told one of them to pull his finger! The monkey did and Steve was beaten for the inevitable result.”

and the signoff was classic....

Pity the poor Brits. All they had was the history of the E.U. and the U.N. as examples.

Semper Fi

Some Good Economic News

Just in case you didn’t catch that bit of good news, the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.4%.


Media Manipulation

How many of us saw this photograph of the sailors being held hostage by the Iranians, and thought to ourselves…oh that wasn’t so bad.



Here was the original picture


The guys on the right deserve a medal.

It just goes to show you how easily you can be manipulated by a simple picture.