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People who chase ‘stars’ around are parasites. They are lower than low. They start a cycle that is destructive and wrong. Cataloging the meltdown of an individual and continually splashing it all over the internet is sickening.


I think that super stardom is a Faustian bargain. Ultimately it wrecks you, and the parasites are there to ensure it happens. They are the instruments of destruction.


If you see/hear a negative story about a star, change the station. If you see a link on a website that promises some new dirt on a star, don’t click it. These parasites survive on our curiosity.


Become uncurious.


We all will be better for it.

Whats The Whistling Noise?


"We have removed yet another Taliban enemy leader who will no longer threaten the peace and security of the Afghan people and their future," said Lt. Col. Angela Billings, a spokeswoman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

Not Just Another Crackpot, But a muslim One

The gunmen that killed 5 in a Salt Lake City mall was a muslim.

Funny...I didn't see that mentioned on the news anywhere.

A Real Surprise, islam the Religion Of Peace

I was reading about the latest muslim (small m on purpose) rage incident in Jerusalem. They are fixing a sidewalk 200 feet from a mosque there (small m again), and that flew the muslims (yep...on purpose) into a rage.

Then came this line....

"The clashes broke out after thousands of Palestinians attended Friday prayers at the mosque. "

They always fly into a rage after they leave 'prayers'. It seems to me the Friday 'prayer' thing really riles up those muslims. I say cancel all Friday 'prayers'. Maybe make them on a Thursday? Maybe not have them?


In case you missed it, Anna Nicole Smith died.

I know that might have been a real shocker to most of you, I mean if you were to watch the news, read a paer, or browse the internet, you would never know it happened. (not)


I prayed for Anna and I will pray for her daughter. That little girl is in for a world of hurt. I hope there is a good egg somewhere in the mix, and that she will be spared the trouble her mother faced. But with 1.6 billion at stake, I suspect there will be lots and lots of problems. There is a part of me that wishes I could just hide her from the garbage she is going to have to face.


The lives these people lead are just so amazingly ridiculous.

The Real Deal Behind Global Warming

Global warming caused by human beings is a lie. 

I do not believe human beings are responsible for global warming….period. I believe climate varies all by itself, and there is nothing we can do about it except adapt. The left wing environuts bloviated this week in France, telling us that humankind is responsible for global warming based on 'really hard science'. I remain skeptical because I think that the only reason global warming is an issue is that the ‘remedies’ disproportionately affect the United States, and thus the less successful countries of the planet can point a finger at us and say ‘Pay up’. Except for China, the #2 emitter of CO2, but since they are considered to be a 'developing country' and are exempt from any remedies.

As evidence here is an article from (and I apologize in advance for this) from the (gagging) New York Times that quotes Chirac, the president of the failed socialist state of France as saying

“A carbon tax is inevitable,” Mr. Chirac said. “If it is European, and I believe it will be European, then it will all the same have a certain influence because it means that all the countries that do not accept the minimum obligations will be obliged to pay.”

Of course this is the same guy who said….

“Kyoto represents the first component of an authentic global governance”
French President Jacques Chirac at the Hague in November of 2000

Socialists, in their never ending search for global government, love to impose taxes. It should be noted that China, which is exempt from any 'remedies' is the #2 emitter of CO2, and also happens to be a communist country. Coincidence?

Some Good News Today

Well it seems like an Iranian nuke scientist died recently (may Allah be praised!).  He may have been assassinated, but I doubt that if the Mossad got him it would become headline news. More than likely one of their newly installed centrifuges sprung a leak.

In Afghanistan, a senior Taliban commander met the business end of a smart bomb….leading to his untimely death (may Allah be praised!). It seems the strategy in Afghanistan is to let the Taliban regroup….just enough…. so that when they bunch up….boom.

Slouching Towards Communism

If any of you have a 401(K) plan, a pension, or any sort of retirement plan and/or insurance….be afraid, be very afraid of Hillary Clinton.


In a recent speech she proposed that the government basically confiscate the profits from the oil companies so the government can then use the money for some sort of strategic slush fund.


This is some pretty scary stuff.  I mean what’s the difference between that and what the communist in Venezuela is doing? Absolutely nothing!


Liberalism is a disease, and when you catch it you get Blue State Syndrome that causes you to think irrationally.